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Anvi ENT CLINIC|Undri,Pune
Pune Doctors Association felicitates Dr. Prasun Mishra - ENT Surgeon in Pune
Dr. Prasun Mishra - ENT Surgeon in Pune, was felicitated on 12 th March by 'Pune Doctors Association' for delivering a talk in PDACON 2022.  Dr. Prasun Mishra Dr. Prasun is a well qualified ENT surgeon having done his MS ENT from Armed Forces Medical College ( AFMC) Pune which is India’s premier Medical institute, Here he has topped the course.He is qualified in all the common ENT surgeries with a special interest in disease related to Voice.For this, he was also selected for the prestigious ICMR International fellowship in the year 2012-2013, under which he completed his fellowship in Laser and Voice disorders from Belgium, which is one of the leading center dealing with laser and voice-related problems.
Anvi ENT CLINIC|Undri,Pune
Vocal Cord Polyp - Dr. Prasun Mishra - ENT Specialist in Pune
56 year old public speaker got hoarse voice due to vocal polyp . He got operated at Anvi ENT Clinic successfully by Dr. Prasun Mishra - ENT Specialist in Pune by endoscopy and coablator which is state of art technology. Now patient is happy to get his normal voice back and is back to his profession. Below is the pre and postoperative pictures of patients vocal cords : Get your Voice Back to Normal Consult Us
Anvi ENT clinic is relocating to Undri from Marketyard
Some Changes are for the Good Dr Prasun Mishra’s Anvi ENT CLINIC in Marketyard is closing from the 10th of September onwards.   Why?   To provide you with better services, we are shifting to the  NIBM-UNDRI road clinic, which has more advanced facilities.    We are happy to serve you with Same dedication and compassion from the new centre. Looking forward for your trust and support.    For details/address/ appointment, please call on 7498037925 Or whatsapp on 9881676449
Dr. Vallath and Dr. More|Anvi ENT CLINIC|Undri,Pune
Young doctors respond to civic admins call, volunteer services.
With his expertise in disaster management and infection control, Dr. Vallath, a graduate of Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical College, started helping civic health officials in February. In the months since, as the number of coronavirus cases has risen, the civic administration, in its search for more medical professionals, has published an advertisement for a minimum of 1000 healthcare staff, and also urged young doctors to volunteer. "I got the message and communicated with several friends. Some agreed while other families did not want them to volunteer due to the risk of infection," said Dr. Vallath.The doctors who volunteered included 25-year-old Dr. Ravisha More and a senior doctor from the same college, Major Dr. Prasun Mishra.Dr. More, who had also taken the NEET, and was a resident medical officer at Ruby Hall Clinic before she took a break, decided to respond to the call from civic health authorities, "My parents are worried, but my father has encouraged me to go and help people during these unusual times", said DR.More.At Naidu Hospital, these doctors have a heavy workday, where they start at 9 am and finish by 3 pm.
First Prize in Paper Presentation|Anvi ENT CLINIC|Undri,Pune
Dr. Prasun felicitated at ENT Conference PUNECON 2K19
Dr. Prasun Mishra - a leading ENT specialist in Pune receives First prize in "Senior Consultant Paper Presentation" in Pune Annual ENT Conference  PUNECON 2K19 organized by AOIPUNE.
Anvi ENT CLINIC|Undri,Pune
Do not turn a deaf ear to Hearing Problem - Dr Prasun Mishra on World Hearing Day
Dr Prasun Mishra, one of best ENT Specialist in Pune speaks about on How neglecting the Health Problems related to ear, nose can lead to serious consequences. He further added about social stigma attached to this problem and how to overcome this. Check out this brief Article on Dr Prasun by Clicking on this link.Do not turn your deaf ears to Hearing Problems, says Opine Expert
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