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With his expertise in disaster management and infection control, Dr. Vallath, a graduate of Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical College, started helping civic health officials in February. In the months since, as the number of coronavirus cases has risen, the civic administration, in its search for more medical professionals, has published an advertisement for a minimum of 1000 healthcare staff, and also urged young doctors to volunteer. 

"I got the message and communicated with several friends. Some agreed while other families did not want them to volunteer due to the risk of infection," said Dr. Vallath.

The doctors who volunteered included 25-year-old Dr. Ravisha More and a senior doctor from the same college, Major Dr. Prasun Mishra.

Dr. More, who had also taken the NEET, and was a resident medical officer at Ruby Hall Clinic before she took a break, decided to respond to the call from civic health authorities, "My parents are worried, but my father has encouraged me to go and help people during these unusual times", said DR.More.

At Naidu Hospital, these doctors have a heavy workday, where they start at 9 am and finish by 3 pm.

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