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Welcome to Anvi ENT & Thyroid Clinic, one of the finest and well equipped ENT clinic in Pune. Anvi ENT Clinic is professionally managed by well know ENT specialist in Pune, Dr Prasun Mishra, a meritorious MS ENT alumnus from prestigious Armed Forces Medical College ( AFMC) Pune. Dr. Mishra has been extensively trained and is highly skilled in performing simple as well as complicated surgeries of ear, nose and throat (ENT). He has also worked in the Army Medical Corps where he was awarded medal for excellence in service.
Apart from being known as an expert ENT surgeon, Dr. Prasun Mishra has keen interest in diseases related to Voice. For this he was also selected for the prestigious ICMR International fellowship in the year 2012-2013, under which he completed his fellowship in Laser and Voice disorders from Belgium, which is one of the leading centres dealing with laser and voice related problems. Dr. Prasun has also presented prize winning research papers and has been credited with best ENT consultant paper award in Pune in the year 2010. He has been active amongst the ENT doctor fraternity in Pune and has served important posts of secretary & treasurer in the Association of ENT surgeons of Pune.
Anvi ENT Clinic is conveniently located in the Heart of south Pune catering Wanworie, NIBM, Kondwa , Undri, Pisoli, Hadapsar, etc areas. Dr.Prasun Mishra and his patient-friendly staff recognizes the trust patients place in them and strive to offer best medical and surgical care in the field of ENT (Oto-Rhino- Laryngology) in most affordable manner. It is this continued trust which makes the team at Anvi ENT Clinic meet and exceed its patients’ expectations. You are most welcome to explore official website of Dr. Prasun Mishra’s Anvi ENT Clinic to know more about facilities, get information about your ENT conditions and ENT Surgeries, ask health questions, get second opinion, enquire about ENT procedures or schedule an appointment with Dr. Prasun Mishra.
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